Tuition Assistance education benefits are back

Its back, the Tuition assistance programs that helps service members with college tuition will be restored quickly with renewed funding from Congress, Defense Department officials said Wednesday.

George Little, the Pentagon’s chief spokesman, said the program will be renewed in the way they were before the suspension of new enrollments was ordered earlier this month with the sequester. An amendment attached to the continuing resolution passed by Congress last week and signed by President Obama Tuesday specifically directed DOD to restore the tuition programs and “We will comply with the law,” Little said.

About 10,000 of the 42,000 active duty Coast Guard personnel take advantage of the school aid, and about 7,000 have enrolled this year alone. this is a spike in enrollment for the TA program. We assume it is because they are scared it will be gone again in the future. All the added attention to the TA program has dramatically increased publicity and now almost doubled the usage of it. This is the complete opposite effect intended by the sequester.

Regardless, we are glad its back, for the sake of our students. And just in case this happens again, we are ready with a scholarship that allows service members to earn free tuition towards their graduate degree, while they are completing their undergraduate program.

See this page for more info on this program:

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Tuition Assistance for Active Duty Service Members : Online and Military Friendly

American College of Technology is proud to offer accredited programs to service members and their families. We offer tuition that is in line with what Tuition Assistance pays. ACOT also offers an Active Duty scholarship that will allow you to complete your degree without the need to borrow funds and pay out of pocket. Let ACOT help you get the most from your benefits.  American College of Technology is one of many Military Friendly Colleges.

ACOT is an Accredited College that is approved by all branches of the United States Armed Forces. Although each branch has its out guidelines, ACOT staff are well qualified to help you manage the process and get the most out of your earned benefit.

Military training, as well as prior college credits, CLEP, DANTES and other select credits can qualify for transfer credits to ACOT. ACOT will review your transcripts prior to enrollment at no charge.

ACOT also accepts MyCAA – Military Spouse Financial Assistance program.

This page will allow you to locate information pertaining to you. Please contact a member of the ACOT staff for additional information or clarification.

– email:

– Phone: 816-279-7000 or 800-804-1388 Option 1 to speak to a representative

– Use our live chat feature on our website available 24/7

– Request a call back using this form. Request information form

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VRAP Approved School Seeking to Supply Veterans with Equipment for Learning

Most of us take the time to speak a word of thanks whenever we see a young man or woman out in public dressed in military attire. These men and women have given years of service and of themselves in ways that average citizens cannot fully comprehend. Now, thanks to the Vow to Hire Heroes Act of 2011, the country is thanking its citizen soldiers with more than words.

The law subsidizes up to a year of education geared toward giving veterans new skills to make them more competitive and employable in our rapidly changing world, but the technology needed to support this learning is not funded through the Act. The American College of Technology (ACOT) offers a wide range of classes designed to meet the standards of the Act, but is going even one better by helping veterans to obtain the technology tools needed for online education.

The veterans retraining assistance program, or Vrap, outlines standards for coursework and study as well as giving financial aid. The American College of Technology (ACOT) is a 100 percent online Vrap approved school. Through ACOT, veterans can learn new skills in Network Administration, Health Technology, Computer Programming, Criminal Justice, Business Administration and more.

All classes are offered online, which keeps the cost to students low while making learning more accessible to more people. ACOT is a military-friendly institution who values serving veteran and active duty soldiers. In fact, close to 70 percent of ACOT’s student population is made up of military men and women and their families.

Because ACOT is committed to serving veterans and current duty military students, the College waits until Veterans Administration reimbursement funds are received before billing. That means that there are no out of pocket expenses for attending this fully accredited Vrap approved school. ACOT was one of the very first schools to enter into the Vrap program and its VA trained staff understands how ensure that GI bill requirements are met and payments are received on time. Yet, since ACOT costs are only about one half of the national average, most veterans are able to retain as much as $600 per month after tuition is paid. These left over funds are designed to assist the veteran with related educational expenses such as internet and technology.

Online courses make learning easier because students don’t need to be concerned with getting to class or working around rigid course schedules. Live lectures and demonstrations occur at set times through the week, but these are then posted to the website where students can view them seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

As great as the format is, ACOT has found that many veterans and soldiers do not possess the devices needed to access online learning. Of what value is an accredited, funded, Vrap approved school if the target student population doesn’t own the technology to access it? The program is too worthwhile for veterans to miss just because they don’t have the money to buy a new laptop, tablet, computer or smartphone. That is why ACOT is launching a program to encourage folks to donate laptops to veteran students.

Laptops must be no more than four years old, but donations could make the difference in whether or not a veteran can take advantage of the veterans retraining assistance currently available. The school is leading the way in donations and has committed to any repairs, cleaning or necessary upgrades, and shipping to the veteran. This is a great way for ordinary citizens to go one step beyond mere words of thanks. Show our military you are grateful for their service by donating a laptop soon.

In fact, due to high demand, ACOT has depleted its used technology by donating all extra and used PC’s to veterans. This is an exciting trend, but the organization needs your help. The VA only pays after a student starts class, making funds to support the necessary technology unavailable. With your help, however, these veterans who want to realize their education can do so through ACOT and Vrap. The Vrap program expires March 2014, so don’t delay.

Ship your laptop to:

Lute Atieh

American College of Technology
2700 N Belt Hwy
Saint Joseph MO 64506
Email: to let us know it’s on the way.

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Press Release – American College of Technology ready to help those during Energizer Layoffs using Trade Adjustment Assistance

Contact: Lute Atieh For Immediate Release

Tel: (816) 279-7000

American College of Technology Gives Scholarship to Workers Laid Off After Energizer Factory Shutdown.

As part of a restructuring plan Energizer Holdings Inc. announced last November plans to close its battery production plant in Maryville by the end of 2013. That means more than 300 full-time employees at the Maryville facility and more than 150 contract workers will be without a job. American College of Technology is now offering assistance to those impacted by the shutdown who may be interested in retraining or going back to school.

“We’re going to extend a scholarship to help right now,” said Lute Atieh, ACOT Director of Operations and Technology. “So they don’t have to borrow any funds or come out of pocket with any funds while they’re losing their job.”

ACOT will be holding informational sessions weekly in Maryville for the next 6 months. Anyone interested in learning more is encouraged to show up to one of the sessions and talk about resources available. The first sessions will be held during the evening Tuesday April 30th and Wednesday May 1st at the Holiday Inn Express located at 2929 S. Main St., Maryville, Mo. 64468.

“So if you’re already been laid off we can help you,” said Atieh. “If you’re going to be laid off we can help prepare you.”

In the past 12 years ACOT has worked with employees from several layoffs. Usually Federal and State dollars are made available to workers who have been let go in a situation like this. Funding is there to provide new education to workers so they can advance their skillset to find gainful employment.

“We will help point them in the right direction if they are looking for training we will send them to the right places, answer questions that we know,” said Atieh. “Our goal is to provide the student as much information as possible”

ACOT recommends shot-term training for this type of situation. 1-2 year programs either a certificate or associates degree. Some of the courses provided by ACOT include: Computer Programming and Systems Design, Network Administration and Information Security, Business Administration and Information Security, Criminal Justice, and Health Information Technology.

“The way our tuition and books work is a fixed cost. With the type of funding that’s available it usually doesn’t cost the student any money out of their pocket,” said Atieh. “When they’re responding to being laid off that last thing we want to do is add another expense.”

ACOT classes are all 100% online so students don’t have to travel to attend classes or if they find another job elsewhere they don’t have to drop out to complete their education. Enrollments at ACOT are held 8 times a year. If you can’t make it out to an informational session or just want to learn more you can always check us out online at or call (800)-804-1388.
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New program allows students to earn free MBA tuition

March 18, 2013: The American College of Technology (ACOT), a nationally accredited online college, offering a variety of convenient, affordable and military friendly online education programs, has announced its Pathway to a Debt Free MBA program. Given the recent cuts by the government to slash spending across the board, this program offers affected military personnel an opportunity to extend their education.

This new program will allow students to complete a portion or an entire undergraduate program to earn free tuition towards a master’s degree program at ACOT. This is a great value to enlisted men and women and veterans. The United States Army and Marine Corps have already said they will not offer Tuition Assistance for activity duty personnel. Other branches of the military are expected to follow suit. This puts a damper on those who have provided, and continue to provide protection to all U.S. citizens.

ACOT prides itself on offering affordable, accredited degree programs at reasonable rates. In the last four years, the college hasn’t raised its tuition rates. Students starting from scratch will achieve both an associate’s and bachelor’s degree while earning 12 courses worth of MBA tuition, a $10,000 value.

“With the economy still recovering, we feel that this is the best time to offer our Master’s program at potentially no out-of-pocket cost,” said Lute Atieh, Director of Operations and Technology. “As a Veteran Friendly School, ACOT wants to ensure that the loss of the Active Duty Tuition Assistance Program does not prevent veterans from achieving a higher degree such as an MBA.”

This isn’t the first time military personnel have narrowly escaped educational budget cuts. Tuition Assistance was discontinued in the early 1990s, during the “peace dividend” action. Like before, ACOT has been able to weather the storm and continue to provide quality and affordable education to our men and women of the armed forces.

Voted military friendly for the last three years, ACOT has continued to be recognized as one of the nation’s top schools. Besides earning master’s degree credits, ACOT has interest-free payment plans and tax credits to reduce education expenses. An ACOT Pathways calculator is available to all students to not only estimate the cost of each degree but track the progress of earning a tuition-free MBA.

All students enrolled in an undergraduate program are eligible to participate in the Pathway to a Debt Free MBA. However, the scholarship is not applicable to spouses or other dependents and transfer courses don’t apply. All courses taken at ACOT, after transfer credits are accepted, will accumulate towards the master’s degree, resulting in a discount.

The total cost of the program is $12,564, with books. Because the scholarship saves active duty and veteran students over $10,000, they can earn their master’s degree for as little as $100 a month. This makes ACOT one of the most affordable and esteemed colleges in the country.

About ACOT

Sam Atieh founded American College of Technology in 2001 in an effort to provide career focused technical education that could be delivered 100 percent online. His dream of live instruction combined with more than 100 years of experience in both business and technology, has made ACOT a success for more than a decade.

ACOT is dedicated to delivering high quality, innovative, affordable, and accessible educational opportunities and services that focus on skills and career building for students to become valued and productive members of society. ACOT offers its students individual attention and live interactive classes that are recorded and posted to the college’s website for 24/7 convenience.

By Lute Atieh

Congress Set to Vote to Make It Easier for Vets to Take Advantage of Retraining Program

In 2011, President Barak Obama signed the Vow to Hire Heroes Act, an effort designed to help veterans make a successful transition into a tough job market. The Veterans Retraining Assistance Program, known as VRAP, is an outgrowth of that legislation. VRAP is a GI program that gives unemployed veterans ages 35-60 educational benefits to help them learn new skills for high demand jobs. The program is due to expire on March 31, 2014 but Congress may decide to extend that deadline until June 30, 2014 so that more vets have the opportunity to participate.The idea of going back to school and entering a classroom may seem a bit frightening at first, but the program has already proven to be a boon to many who decided to brave the challenge. One vet who praises VRAP had spent 30 years managing a body shop when a stroke confronted him with the need to make a change. The VRAP program allowed him to choose a career that interested him and paid for a full year of training. The VA funds were direct deposited into his account and made it possible for him to go to school without missing payments on his existing bills.The VRAP program offers up to $1,573 per month in educational benefits and will pay up to $17,600 in total. These benefits are eligible for any VA-approved educational program through a technical school or community college. All VRAP funds are directed toward training in high-demand occupations. Veterans may earn an Associate’s degree, a Certificate or a Non-College degree that will prepare them for any of the outlined high-demand career fields.The American College of Technology is fully VA-approved and VRAP-ready. Veterans who do not live near a community college or technical school or who are looking for the convenience of at-home learning will find that American College of Technology (ACOT) is the perfect fit for them. The school offers a wide range of studies that conform to VRAP guidelines and makes taking classes as easy as logging onto a computer. All programs are fully online and user-friendly.Servicemen and women who are currently unemployed but who are interested in acquiring the skills needed to re-enter the workforce are ideally suited for VRAP. The program is available to 99,000 veterans and so far 77,000 have already taken advantage of the benefits. The move to try and extend the enrollment deadline demonstrates the success of the program and the interest at the highest levels to promote the success of U.S. vets.Veterans make terrific employees and the American College of Technology (ACOT) wants to help give veterans the skills they need to become even more desirable in a dynamic economy.  Vets who enroll soon will have time to take full advantage of these great benefits before it is too late.Change is always a little daunting, but ACOT makes going back to school as simple and rewarding as possible. Don’t hesitate. Check out the courses and benefits while the opportunity still exists to go back to school with VRAP benefits. Find out how soon you could be enjoying a satisfying, well-paying career.

By Lute Atieh

Why this is the right time for unemployed vets to go back to school

Why This is the Right Time for Unemployed Vets to Go Back to School

A generation ago, dad went to work for a company and he retired from that same company several decades later. Today very few people enter a career and stay there for their entire working life. Much more normal in this era is to have several professional achievements over the course of a lifetime. Soldiering represents one satisfying career track. Many honorably discharged veterans look for a second or third career field that will be as fulfilling as was their time of military service.

The Veterans Retraining Assistance Program (VRAP) is a military educational benefits program specifically designed to help unemployed vets ages 35-60 become trained and ready to enter a new, high-demand career path. In today’s tough job market you need more than life experience and a strong work ethic if you want to stay competitive with other, younger workers. Many of today’s jobs require a degree or technical certification beyond military and work experience.  This is precisely where VRAP comes in.

VRAP benefits will pay for up to $1,572 each month in tuition and book costs. These funds are deposited directly into the student’s bank account after the previous month’s attendance has been verified. The funds are available for a year of study in a variety of programs offered through technical schools and community colleges.

The American College of Technology (ACOT) is a VRAP-approved online school and offers approved courses in Computer programming, Network Administration and Information Security, Business Administration and Information Technology, Criminal Justice and Health Information Technology.

ACOT is a great place to use your VRAP benefits because it requires no upfront fees, no out of pocket expenses and course tuitions run around one half of the national average. That means that you can get a VRAP-approved degree or certificate with zero financial outlay on your part. In many cases, you will not even use your entire monthly benefit, leaving you with extra dollars to help cover other life expenses.

Maybe you started college a long time ago but life interrupted your education…now would be a great time to finish things up. Maybe you never took the time to go to school….now is an ideal time to start. Whether you are in your 30s, 40s or 50s, VRAP and ACOT make this the very best time to get trained for a career that is in high-demand and therefore likely to result in a good job.

It could be that in the past you were in a line of work that you truly enjoyed, but you were kept from advancing without more education. In a jittery economy one way to make yourself more valuable to employers is to extend your work-related education and training. Don’t let your current age and lack of employment keep you from pursuing that second or third work-related dream.

ACOT has an entire page of VRAP-related questions and answers to help you find out whether applying for these benefits is right for you. Act fast, because VRAP benefits are only available until 2014. Students who enroll soon will be able to receive the full year of educational funds.
By Lute Atieh