American College of Technology tackles re-training options for workers laid off after Energizer Factory shutdown.

American College of Technology is holding a degree retraining seminar to talk about programs it offers and possible careers options students could find with a degree from ACOT.  The seminar will be held Wednesday June, 26th from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Maryville Community Center located at 1407 N. Country Club Road-Suite 200.

ACOT first announced its scholarship for Energizer workers in April so individuals dealing with the layoff would not have to borrow funds or pay out of pocket for retraining.  Now, ACOT wants to take it a step further and provide an in-depth look at courses available 100% online and the careers that students could find with their new skills.

“Most of what we do is in the business and technology area,” said Lute Atieh ACOT Director of Operations and Technology. “We’ve got programs in marketing, accounting, health information technology which is a growing field, and also criminal justice.”

ACOT also provides a one week one-on-one job search training for its students as a guide to search for their future careers.

“A lot of the challenges students face when they graduate is a lack of experience,” said Atieh. “How to present yourself for the job market, how to find the jobs.”

The job search training covers the new ways employers are using to look for potential candidates and as well as how to get your resume seen on social media sites.

“Most jobs are now found using LinkedIn and a lot of people don’t know that,” said Atieh. “So if you’re already been laid off we can help you. If you’re going to be laid off we can help prepare you.”

ACOT classes are all 100% online so students don’t have to travel to attend classes or if they find another job elsewhere they don’t have to drop out to complete their education. Enrollments at ACOT are held 8 times a year. If you can’t make it out to an informational session or just want to learn more you can always check us out online at or call (800)-804-1388.
By Lute Atieh


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