New program allows students to earn free MBA tuition

March 18, 2013: The American College of Technology (ACOT), a nationally accredited online college, offering a variety of convenient, affordable and military friendly online education programs, has announced its Pathway to a Debt Free MBA program. Given the recent cuts by the government to slash spending across the board, this program offers affected military personnel an opportunity to extend their education.

This new program will allow students to complete a portion or an entire undergraduate program to earn free tuition towards a master’s degree program at ACOT. This is a great value to enlisted men and women and veterans. The United States Army and Marine Corps have already said they will not offer Tuition Assistance for activity duty personnel. Other branches of the military are expected to follow suit. This puts a damper on those who have provided, and continue to provide protection to all U.S. citizens.

ACOT prides itself on offering affordable, accredited degree programs at reasonable rates. In the last four years, the college hasn’t raised its tuition rates. Students starting from scratch will achieve both an associate’s and bachelor’s degree while earning 12 courses worth of MBA tuition, a $10,000 value.

“With the economy still recovering, we feel that this is the best time to offer our Master’s program at potentially no out-of-pocket cost,” said Lute Atieh, Director of Operations and Technology. “As a Veteran Friendly School, ACOT wants to ensure that the loss of the Active Duty Tuition Assistance Program does not prevent veterans from achieving a higher degree such as an MBA.”

This isn’t the first time military personnel have narrowly escaped educational budget cuts. Tuition Assistance was discontinued in the early 1990s, during the “peace dividend” action. Like before, ACOT has been able to weather the storm and continue to provide quality and affordable education to our men and women of the armed forces.

Voted military friendly for the last three years, ACOT has continued to be recognized as one of the nation’s top schools. Besides earning master’s degree credits, ACOT has interest-free payment plans and tax credits to reduce education expenses. An ACOT Pathways calculator is available to all students to not only estimate the cost of each degree but track the progress of earning a tuition-free MBA.

All students enrolled in an undergraduate program are eligible to participate in the Pathway to a Debt Free MBA. However, the scholarship is not applicable to spouses or other dependents and transfer courses don’t apply. All courses taken at ACOT, after transfer credits are accepted, will accumulate towards the master’s degree, resulting in a discount.

The total cost of the program is $12,564, with books. Because the scholarship saves active duty and veteran students over $10,000, they can earn their master’s degree for as little as $100 a month. This makes ACOT one of the most affordable and esteemed colleges in the country.

About ACOT

Sam Atieh founded American College of Technology in 2001 in an effort to provide career focused technical education that could be delivered 100 percent online. His dream of live instruction combined with more than 100 years of experience in both business and technology, has made ACOT a success for more than a decade.

ACOT is dedicated to delivering high quality, innovative, affordable, and accessible educational opportunities and services that focus on skills and career building for students to become valued and productive members of society. ACOT offers its students individual attention and live interactive classes that are recorded and posted to the college’s website for 24/7 convenience.

By Lute Atieh


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