The Masters of Business Administration, also known as the (MBA) is one of the most sought after degrees in the world.

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The Masters of Business Administration, also known as the (MBA) is one of the most sought after degrees in the world by professionals. Students of MBA programs study the theory and application of business and management principles. This type of study equips students with knowledge that can be applied to a variety of real world business situations.  ACOT’s MBA faculty have academic credentials and years of relevant business experience and certifications that will help you build the skills, tools and techniques you need to lead and manage innovation and creativity within your organization.

This applied program is offered in a highly interactive online format that makes it possible for you to immediately apply what you learn. MBA students meet with a live instructor once per week in a virtual classroom that allows you to see and communicate with your instructor using voice and video technology. This meeting is recorded and can be reviewed at any time to accommodate your busy schedule. Each course also has offline resources, videos and case studies designed to get you thinking about real business problems and solutions.

ACOT’s Accredited Online MBA degree can help advance your career in a way that is convenient for you.


American College of Technology offers one of the most affordable MBA programs in the nation. Most MBA’s that are offered online are text based learning with little or no interaction with others. You end up paying more for a watered-down version of what that institution is offering online. At ACOT, our primary delivery method is online. Every course we offer is offered live, 100% online, and accessible 24/7. Come see the ACOT difference.

What can you do with an MBA Degree?

In most cases, an MBA degree is required for executive and senior management positions. There are some companies who will not even consider applicants unless they have an MBA degree. MBA holders have a greater opportunity for employment and advancement.

Specializing your MBA with a concentration is one way to give you a competitive advantage over others.  You will still have the general MBA knowledge with an added focus on a vital business function. This can often be the deciding factor when hiring decisions are made.

By Lute Atieh


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