Why this is the right time for unemployed vets to go back to school

Why This is the Right Time for Unemployed Vets to Go Back to School

A generation ago, dad went to work for a company and he retired from that same company several decades later. Today very few people enter a career and stay there for their entire working life. Much more normal in this era is to have several professional achievements over the course of a lifetime. Soldiering represents one satisfying career track. Many honorably discharged veterans look for a second or third career field that will be as fulfilling as was their time of military service.

The Veterans Retraining Assistance Program (VRAP) is a military educational benefits program specifically designed to help unemployed vets ages 35-60 become trained and ready to enter a new, high-demand career path. In today’s tough job market you need more than life experience and a strong work ethic if you want to stay competitive with other, younger workers. Many of today’s jobs require a degree or technical certification beyond military and work experience.  This is precisely where VRAP comes in.

VRAP benefits will pay for up to $1,572 each month in tuition and book costs. These funds are deposited directly into the student’s bank account after the previous month’s attendance has been verified. The funds are available for a year of study in a variety of programs offered through technical schools and community colleges.

The American College of Technology (ACOT) is a VRAP-approved online school and offers approved courses in Computer programming, Network Administration and Information Security, Business Administration and Information Technology, Criminal Justice and Health Information Technology.

ACOT is a great place to use your VRAP benefits because it requires no upfront fees, no out of pocket expenses and course tuitions run around one half of the national average. That means that you can get a VRAP-approved degree or certificate with zero financial outlay on your part. In many cases, you will not even use your entire monthly benefit, leaving you with extra dollars to help cover other life expenses.

Maybe you started college a long time ago but life interrupted your education…now would be a great time to finish things up. Maybe you never took the time to go to school….now is an ideal time to start. Whether you are in your 30s, 40s or 50s, VRAP and ACOT make this the very best time to get trained for a career that is in high-demand and therefore likely to result in a good job.

It could be that in the past you were in a line of work that you truly enjoyed, but you were kept from advancing without more education. In a jittery economy one way to make yourself more valuable to employers is to extend your work-related education and training. Don’t let your current age and lack of employment keep you from pursuing that second or third work-related dream.

ACOT has an entire page of VRAP-related questions and answers to help you find out whether applying for these benefits is right for you. Act fast, because VRAP benefits are only available until 2014. Students who enroll soon will be able to receive the full year of educational funds.


By Lute Atieh


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