ACOT Growth Adds Jobs to St. Joseph Mo. Economy

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ACOT Growth Adds Jobs to St. Joseph Economy

St. Joseph, Mo. – American College of Technology sees large growth adding to an increase in the St. Joseph economy.

“Over the last two years there’s been about a 300% increase in population and staff,” said ACOT Chief Operations Officer, Lute Atieh. “We have students all over the world so our growth doesn’t necessarily rely on the local population.  Because of that, we’ve been able to grow based on the industry as a whole.”

This year alone, ACOT has added an additional 20 positions at its main office located at 2700 N. Belt Highway in St. Joseph.  That equals out to an addition of almost $1.5 million dollars annually to the St. Joseph economy.

Currently, ACOT has a student population of around 1500 students as well as around 50 staff and 30-50 faculty members.  The increase in programs and the student population has caused the need to hire on additional staff members to support the growing number of students taking online classes.

“Higher education is on the up-and-up and more importantly so is online education,” said Atieh.
In 2001 ACOT started up in St. Joseph offering retraining services.  Since then, the college has grown to offer technical diplomas and bachelor’s degrees.  This year ACOT launched its new Masters of Business Administration program with specialized fields of study.

“We are a standard college and we’re also specific career training,” said Atieh. “If you need to learn specific software like QuickBooks you can get that done in less than six weeks, if you would like a master’s degree in accounting you can get that done over several years.  So, we really can accommodate both people.”

ACOT classes are 100% online with live interactive classes where you can see and hear your instructor similar to a real classroom setting.  Lectures are also recorded and posted to the website for convenience.

Enrollments at ACOT are held 8 times a year. To learn more about ACOT programs or for more information on retraining after a closing call (800)-804-1388 or check us out online at

American College of Technology is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of the Distance Education and Training Council. ACOT is also certified by the Missouri Department of Higher Education to operate in the state of Missouri.
By Lute Atieh


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By Lute Atieh

ACOT sees large growth benefiting St Joseph, Mo. Economy – Economic Developement American College of Technology has seen an increase in programs and services causing the need to hire additional staff members and adding more jobs to St. Joseph economy.
By Lute Atieh

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Re: Congratulations on a job well-done!

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Keep up the good work gang! — Lute Atieh