WIA Event Announcement – Workforce Investment Act St. Joseph Missouri

American College of Technology’s  Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Open House at the Holiday Inn-St. Joseph, Missouri Riverfront January 8th 2014..

American College of Technology (ACOT) in partnership with the St. Joseph Missouri Career Center to hold an Open House event at the Holiday Inn-St. Joseph Riverfront, January 8th, 2014 from 10am-12noon.  The ACOT event is for unemployed, displaced workers throughout the Maryville/St. Joseph Region that may benefit from the Missouri Workforce Investment Act and American College of Technology educational programs..

In recent months, several local businesses have reported a significant number of closures and layoffs.  Among those businesses affected were Energizer Holdings, Inc, Hostess Brands/Interstate Brand Corporation, Filtration Group and Climax Packaging Inc.   The Open house will serve to assist those in attendance to explore educational programs that lead to careers which are growing in the state and local job market.

American College of Technology (ACOT) is approved by Workforce Investment Act (WIA) as a qualified government-training provider in Missouri.  American College of Technology (ACOT) is the first accredited 100% online college in the state of Missouri.  ACOT offers an affordable, career focused, quality education; teaching valuable skills that provide opportunities to gain employment in high demand career fields.

Displaced workers seeking to increase knowledge in their career field or make a career change, will benefit from the ACOT  advanced delivery method, utilizing live, virtual classroom technology.  The majority of ACOT students are adult students seeking a quality, affordable education with the convenience of attending live online classes.

As a WIA training provider, American College of Technology has fostered an ongoing partnership with Missouri Career Centers.  Both organizations promote career focused, quality education programs for Missouri residents that will assist them in achieving their educational and career goals. For more information please contact:

Lee Watson | Director of Workforce Development
American College of Technology
2700 North Belt Highway
Saint Joseph, Missouri  64506

Email:  lee.watson@acot.edu
Phone:  816-279-7000 Ext. 106



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