Military Personnel can Earn a Masters Degree at Little or No Cost!

Military Personnel can Earn a Masters Degree at Little or No Cost!


Military Police Regimental Association Scholarship

The Military Police Regimental Associations (MPRA) commitment to its members is as strong as the military commitment to serving our great Nation.  That is why the American College of Technology is pleased to announce our commitment to those who have served, currently serving, will serve in the U.S. Army’s Military Police Corps.  This year ACOT will donate three (3) student centric scholarships to the MPRA’s members.

While not everyone will win this year’s scholarship opportunity, that is why it is most important, that any member of the MPRA or dependent, who would like to pursue their respective degree must be given a chance to succeed.  That is why ACOT will offer MPRA members a 50% off reduction in tuition and a 25% reduction to all MPRA dependents.
For more information and submission can be viewed here:

American College of Technology to talk funding and re-training options for workers after Energizer shutdown.

American College of Technology is holding a seminar to talk about retraining programs, scholarships and grants available to individuals who have been impacted by Energizer layoffs. The seminar will be held Friday January, 24th from 10 a.m. to noon at the Holiday Inn located at 2929 S. Main St., Maryville, Mo.

“We understand the struggle of retraining after a long career in a particular field,” ACOT Chief Operations Officer, Lute Atieh said. “We can help you add updated skills to your resume including training on the latest software.”

ACOT recommends shot-term training for this type of situation.  1-2 year programs either a certificate or associates degree.  Some of the courses provided by ACOT include: Computer Programming and Systems Design, Network Administration and Information Security, Business Administration and Information Security, Criminal Justice, and Health Information Technology.

ACOT first started assisting Energizer workers in 2013 shortly after the layoffs were announced.  Since the college was founded in 2001 it has helped thousands looking for short-term career retraining, including more than 100 former TWA employees.

“We’ll be able to answer questions about funding, grants, and how to get answers about programs,” Atieh said. “Anything they’re looking for to prepare them for a conversation with their case worker about the programs.”

ACOT classes are all 100% online so students don’t have to travel to attend classes or if they find another job elsewhere they don’t have to drop out to complete their education. Enrollments at ACOT are held 8 times a year. If you can’t make it out to Friday’s informational session or just want to learn more you can always check us out online at or call (816)-279-7000.

WIA Event Announcement – Workforce Investment Act St. Joseph Missouri

American College of Technology’s  Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Open House at the Holiday Inn-St. Joseph, Missouri Riverfront January 8th 2014..

American College of Technology (ACOT) in partnership with the St. Joseph Missouri Career Center to hold an Open House event at the Holiday Inn-St. Joseph Riverfront, January 8th, 2014 from 10am-12noon.  The ACOT event is for unemployed, displaced workers throughout the Maryville/St. Joseph Region that may benefit from the Missouri Workforce Investment Act and American College of Technology educational programs..

In recent months, several local businesses have reported a significant number of closures and layoffs.  Among those businesses affected were Energizer Holdings, Inc, Hostess Brands/Interstate Brand Corporation, Filtration Group and Climax Packaging Inc.   The Open house will serve to assist those in attendance to explore educational programs that lead to careers which are growing in the state and local job market.

American College of Technology (ACOT) is approved by Workforce Investment Act (WIA) as a qualified government-training provider in Missouri.  American College of Technology (ACOT) is the first accredited 100% online college in the state of Missouri.  ACOT offers an affordable, career focused, quality education; teaching valuable skills that provide opportunities to gain employment in high demand career fields.

Displaced workers seeking to increase knowledge in their career field or make a career change, will benefit from the ACOT  advanced delivery method, utilizing live, virtual classroom technology.  The majority of ACOT students are adult students seeking a quality, affordable education with the convenience of attending live online classes.

As a WIA training provider, American College of Technology has fostered an ongoing partnership with Missouri Career Centers.  Both organizations promote career focused, quality education programs for Missouri residents that will assist them in achieving their educational and career goals. For more information please contact:

Lee Watson | Director of Workforce Development
American College of Technology
2700 North Belt Highway
Saint Joseph, Missouri  64506

Phone:  816-279-7000 Ext. 106

Christmas tree For Warrior in Transition Unit Fort Leonard Wood

Christmas tree For Warrior in Transition Unit Fort Leonard Wood

While we were here at Fort Leonard Wood we noticed that the Barracks for the wounded soldier did not have a Christmas tree. A short time later we got one. GySgt. Dodson and Commanding Officer for the Warrior in Transition Unit were present when American College of Technology dedicated the Christmas Tree to the service men and women of the unit.

Fort Leonard Wood as they head home for the holidays!

We had the distinct pleasure of helping feed and see off 5,000 service men and women from Fort Leonard Wood as they headed home for the holidays today!
Fort Leaonard Wood
Monster Energy , Coca-Cola and Hard Rock Cafe were among those there to greet the soldiers early this morning. Even a few “celebrities” stopped by to say hello as well.

Enjoy your much deserved break!

Pictured: Block leave at St. Louis Airport, December 20 2013 — with Lutfee Atieh at St Louis Airport – USO.

Let us help your unit!

http://TheSmartWFort Leonard  This morning at 0900 CST at Ft Leonard Wood. I had provided an educational benefits briefing to the largest Marine Corps Detachment in the world. Education is free. Let me help our brothers and sisters get their education, so they can be more competitive later. If I can help your unit, send me an email at Thanks Richard Dodson. #military #college# #gibill