American College of Technology is now taking applications for its Wounded Warriors scholarships.

American College of Technology is now taking applications for its Wounded Warriors scholarships.

St. Joseph, Mo., March 24, 2014 – “We’re giving back to those who have served,” Richard Dodson, ACOT Military Education Executive Director said. “Those who can no longer be in the military need to have an avenue for when they transition out; this is the best way that we could reach those who have been affected most by combat.”

This year ACOT has committed $364,400 to the Warrior Transition Command for a total of 10 full scholarships, amounting to $36,440 each.  5 of those scholarships with be given to wounded service members and 5 to spouses or dependents of wounded service members.

“Should a soldier become wounded where he cannot go back to work their spouse may have to take over,” Dodson said. “This is just a small way that we can get out there and really help the men and women in the service.”

The wounded warrior and wounded spouse scholarship will cover the full cost of tuition, course materials and fees.  Because ACOT courses are 100% online, students are able to earn their degree from anywhere in the world at a location that’s convenient.  All lectures are offered live online and are also recorded for easy review.

Applications for Wounded Warrior Scholarships are being accepted now.  Apply online at  A final decision on recipients will be made July 1, 2014.

To learn more about ACOT programs call (800)-804-1388 or check us out online at

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Christmas tree For Warrior in Transition Unit Fort Leonard Wood

Christmas tree For Warrior in Transition Unit Fort Leonard Wood

While we were here at Fort Leonard Wood we noticed that the Barracks for the wounded soldier did not have a Christmas tree. A short time later we got one. GySgt. Dodson and Commanding Officer for the Warrior in Transition Unit were present when American College of Technology dedicated the Christmas Tree to the service men and women of the unit.

Tuition Assistance education benefits are back

Its back, the Tuition assistance programs that helps service members with college tuition will be restored quickly with renewed funding from Congress, Defense Department officials said Wednesday.

George Little, the Pentagon’s chief spokesman, said the program will be renewed in the way they were before the suspension of new enrollments was ordered earlier this month with the sequester. An amendment attached to the continuing resolution passed by Congress last week and signed by President Obama Tuesday specifically directed DOD to restore the tuition programs and “We will comply with the law,” Little said.

About 10,000 of the 42,000 active duty Coast Guard personnel take advantage of the school aid, and about 7,000 have enrolled this year alone. this is a spike in enrollment for the TA program. We assume it is because they are scared it will be gone again in the future. All the added attention to the TA program has dramatically increased publicity and now almost doubled the usage of it. This is the complete opposite effect intended by the sequester.

Regardless, we are glad its back, for the sake of our students. And just in case this happens again, we are ready with a scholarship that allows service members to earn free tuition towards their graduate degree, while they are completing their undergraduate program.

See this page for more info on this program:

By Lute Atieh