Wounded Warrior and Wounded Warrior Spouse Scholarship

This year American College of Technology will offer the WTC Wounded Warrior and Wounded Warrior Spouse Scholarship to 5 wounded service members and 5 spouses/dependents of wounded service members. The scholarship is a full scholarship and covers the full cost of tuition, course materials and fees. Each Scholarship is valued at $36,440. Facebook Link: http://hub.am/1lgThyg


After getting your VRAP certificate of eligibility

http://acot.edu/VRAP Who to talk to about open slots after getting your VRAP certificate of eligibility.

By Lute Atieh

ACOT sees large growth benefiting St Joseph, Mo. Economy – Economic Developement

http://thesmartwaytocollege.com/ American College of Technology has seen an increase in programs and services causing the need to hire additional staff members and adding more jobs to St. Joseph economy.
By Lute Atieh